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Pedro de la Rosa said that they never wanted to leave Fernando.

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso's contract with the team will expire at the end of the 2024 season and his name is mentioned with Mercedes pilot Lewis Hamilton's seat.

It is claimed that Red Bull is considering transferring Alonso, but the possibility of him staying at Aston Martin is also increasing.

Alonso stated that he was not satisfied with Mercedes' performance after the last race, Suzuka.

In this respect, the chances of Alonso continuing at Aston Martin appear to be increasing.

Finally speaking to SoyMotor, Aston Martin's ambassador Pedro de la Rosa stated that they want Alonso to continue with the team.

De la Rosa said, "We are not considering any other alternative. Fernando is very valuable to us and we want to continue with him."

"Our plan is not plan A, B and C, it is our only plan Fernando. We are not considering any other alternative."

"The team is very pleased with both Fernando and Lance. We know that Fernando is an important name for this team."

"The most important thing is to provide him with the best car to stay in the team. Our cooperation with Fernando is very good and he is happy with the team."

"For an F1 team, it is very important to have a name like Fernando. We will do our best to keep him in the team."

De la Rosa added that he knows Alonso wants to compete at the top and the team will do its best to achieve this goal.

Aston Martin will focus on vehicle development to keep Alonso in the team and plans to introduce updates in many races this year.


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