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Happy April 23!

The reason why April 23 is considered a national holiday in Turkey is that the Turkish Grand National Assembly was opened on that day in 1920.

Parliamentary elections started with Atatürk's declaration dated 19 March 1920, explaining that a parliament would be convened in Ankara and why it should be convened, and with Atatürk's circular on 21 April, the date of opening of the parliament was announced and the deputies were requested to come to Ankara.

"April 23" became Turkey's first national holiday with the Law Concerning April 23 as a National Holiday, enacted in 1921. In this holiday, which appeared for the first time, neither national sovereignty nor children were mentioned.

We celebrate the 104th anniversary of April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day, which Atatürk gifted to children, with the same joy, excitement and happiness.


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