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Max Verstappen emphasizes that he is happy as Red Bull's champion driver and has no plans to leave the team.


Although Verstappen's contract with Red Bull expires at the end of 2028, the possibility of leaving the team has been raised due to internal conflicts.

According to rumors, if Helmut Marko decides to leave the team, Verstappen may switch to Mercedes or Aston Martin.

Adrian Newey's talks with Aston Martin after 2024 may be attractive to Verstappen, given Honda's presence.

However, Verstappen announced in an interview today that he wants to stay at Red Bull in the future.

"I am very happy with my current situation and I want to continue this way," the three-time world champion said.

Max Verstappen

Asked whether he could move to Aston Martin and work with Honda again after 2026, Verstappen said: "I don't know." said.

"This isn't just something specific to 2026 or that period."

"The important thing for me is that my contract with Red Bull runs until 2028. Then I want to see if I really want to continue racing. That's the most important thing for me."

"It's not that important where I go. I'm not thinking about such things right now."


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